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95% of cybersecurity breaches are caused by human error. YOUR ORGANIZATION could be next. Turn up your security levels and get your employees to think before they click on phishing links to prevent spear phishing attacks.

Phishing Campaigns & Social Engineering Training

Phishing Has Grim Consequences


Of organizations worldwide experienced a type of phishing attack in 2020


Of phishing attacks arrive via email

$1 Billion

Highest amount of loss due to ransomware attacks


Time taken for an organization to fall victim to ransomware

What Helps Protect from Spear Phishing?

What Helps Protect from Spear Phishing?

Employees in your organization must be aware of the differences between spear phishing vs phishing attacks and be well-armed against phishing threats in general. Due to the dangerous nature of phishing, attackers are able to gain privileged access to secured organization data once an employee has clicked on a phishing link.

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Phishing Campaigns & Social Engineering Training
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Perform Security Awareness Training for Your Employees to Assess Their Awareness & Combine with Human Risk Management to Develop a Secured Environment Against Cyber Criminals

What Can Be Achieved

What Can Be Achieved

What Can Be Achieved

  • Assess
  • Assess and understand how vulnerable your team is against social engineering threats

  • Train
  • Train and strengthen your organization’s knowledge and awareness with custom training programs

  • Measure
  • Measure and analyze benefits and impact of the phishing assessment and training program within your organization

Why ToPhish?

To achieve the goal of preparing your organization for phishing attacks, here is how we elevate your organization’s phishing attack detection and continuously refine its online security levels:

ToPhish Platform Modules


Security Awareness Training

  • Auto-Enroll Training Programs
  • Comprehensive and Interactive Courses
  • Ability to Build Customized Course Through LMS
  • User Tailored Programs
  • 100+ Readily-made Courses
  • Ongoing Training Reporting

Phishing Campaign Simulation

  • Custom Spear-Phishing Campaign Simulation
  • Ready-to-use Phishing Template Scenarios
  • Automated Phishing Campaign Setup
  • Custom Template Builder
  • 700+ Readily-made templates
  • Ongoing Phishing Reporting

Dark Web Monitoring

  • Nonstop Dark Web Checking
  • Identify Breached User Credentials
  • Understand How the Breach Occurred
  • Locate The Breached Services
  • Learn What Data is Exposed
  • Dig Down into User Breaches

Policy Management

  • Unified Policy Library
  • Ready-to-use Policy Templates
  • Digital Sign Approval Tracking
  • Automated Policy Approvals
  • Edit and Build Custom Policies
  • Track Outstanding Signatures

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